Mumbai Elphinstone stampede : 22 Dead

Chaos broke out at the Elphinstone road railway station after people gathered on foot over-bridge to seek shelter from rain on Friday.

A rush hour stampede during a sudden monsoon downpour killed at least 22 people and wounded more than 30 on Friday at Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station.

The tragedy took place amid rain in the city around 10:40 am when the foot over-bridge was heavily crowded.

At least 22 people have been killed and over 30 seriously injured in that.

It broke out at a narrow foot over bridge near a local train station in Mumbai after heavy rain this morning.

The incident happened near a ticket window between Parel and Elphinstone stations.

Many events coincided to produce a tragedy that many say could have been avoided, had successive governments heeded warnings.

Four trains arrived around the same time, and a huge crowd tried to get out. The bridge was already crowded after sudden, heavy rain that had people scurrying for cover. Some say a loud bang after a short circuit led to panic.

A witness said there were rumours of the old bridge collapsing. Within moments, many were crushed and injured.

There will be exhortations to not engage in a blame game at this moment about the poor state of Mumbai’s infrastructure, the blame must necessarily be established.

The CM announced Rs 5 lakhs compensation to the family of the deceased.

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