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Sepco durgapur positive

11 members of the same family tests positive in SEPCO Township

Durgapur: As the days are passing, number of cases kept on increasing in Durgapur.

Two days back, a DSP Employee tested positive in Durgapur.

Yesterday, three more cases were found as well. Reports states that these cases are from Benachity and Bidhannagar.

Now 11 members of the same family tested positive in the SEPCO Township area of Durgapur today, 14th of July.

According to local sources, it was known that some of that members of the family went to attend a wedding a few days back.

There is a chance that they might have got affected from there.

After they showed symptoms, their samples were collected and sent for testing.

Today, 14th July, when the reports came, they all tested positive.

They were taken to Sanaka Hospital for further treatment.

After the first case was found back in May, the cases in Durgapur is increasing ever since.

The administration and police is trying their best to make people aware of the situation.

But still many of them are not wearing masks, or maintaining social distances, in markets and other areas of Durgapur.

Unless all these regulations are properly maintained, the situation will only worsen.

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