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Paschim b new cases

154 new cases in Paschim Bardhaman in just 24 hours

Paschim Bardhaman: Total number of cases crossed more than one thousand is Paschim Bardhaman alone.

At first, the gradient of the ascending slope of affected people was not that much, but now, the scenario has changed.

Rapid increase in cases is seen in Paschim Bardhaman.

On 3rd August, number of affected has been increased by 154 at Paschim Bardhaman, breaking any previous record of affected in a single day.

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According to the Medical bulletin published by West Bengal Government on 4th August, Number of total affected in only Paschim Bardhaman has gone to 1216.

Among them 667 have been recovered. The previous recovery rate of Paschim Bardhaman was around 60%.

But now, the recovery rate has come down to 54.8%.

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According to a notice, parts of A Zone, B Zone, Benachity, Sepco, Faridpur, Gopal math, City Centre may be declared as containment zones soon.

There was a plan of announcing local restriction with limited market timings and other restrictions in Durgapur in the month of August.

But as the West Bengal Government announced complete lockdown in some specific dates, the plan of local restriction has been cancelled by Sub Divisional Magistrate.

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