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2 workers death durgapur factory

2 workers died in 2 days at a private factory in Durgapur

2 death incidents occurred in a private factory in the Banskopa area of Durgapur on two consecutive days.

Dharmendra Yadav (42) died on Monday early morning due to a serious gas leak in the factory.

According to the sources, on Monday early in the morning while Dharmendra was going to sanitation, a gas pipeline passing in front of the washroom leaked and poisonous carbon monoxide gas resulted in his death on the spot.

A situation of unrest occurred within the other worker. They have made alligations that this might be the result of negligence from the factory authorities.

His body was sent to Durgapur Sub Division Hospital for further investigation.

Another incident occurred in the same unit number 4 of the private steel factory in Baskopa, Durgapur near Sagarbhanga within 24hrs of the previous death incident.

A worker Samir Ghosh(43) died on Tuesday morning.

According to the sources, while Samir was working on the top of the cooling tower at around 6:30 AM, the belt of the cooling tower accidentally got stuck and he got electrocuted by a short circuit.

Another co-worker had condemned the inconvenience and bad emergency services of the factory and said that because there was a delay in the ambulance, he died before reaching the hospital.

According to the sources, the workers have claimed that many complaints were filed by other workers in recent years, but no progress was done before and not even now.

The workers have also stated that if there is any reluctance in giving compensation from the company’s side, the workers will go for a strong movement.

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