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3 police officers tested positive in Durgapur

Durgapur: The number of COVID cases in Durgapur crossed 150. With new cases coming up everyday, number of containment zones are also increasing.

Now three police officers tested positive in Durgapur.

According to source, one inspector is from Durgapur Police Station and another is from Coke Oven police station.

The Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) who was posted at Ukhra Outpost also tested positive.

As he had mild symptoms of COVID, he went for a test to Khandra Block Primary Health Centre.

His swab sample was collected and sent for the test.

After he was confirmed COVID positive, he was immediately admitted to COVID Hospital of Malandighi.

Other two police officers were also sent to the COVID Hospital of Malandighi.

Swab sample of the other police officers who were in contact with these Officer were also collected and were sent for the test yesterday.

65 new cases were reported is Paschim Bardhaman in the last 24 hours according to a bulletin by the West Bengal Government.

The Asansol – Durgapur Police is working at risk day and night everyday to ensure the safety of everyone.

They are also responsible to ensure that the lockdown is done properly.

Yesterday, 18 new cases were reported in Durgapur.

The total number of cases crossed 150.

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