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5 Mesmerizing photos of Durgapur Barrage, that’s a must-see

Durgapur is mainly known for its industrial belt, and it is famous not only in India but all over the world.

So, if you think Durgapur is full of industries, covered in black smoke and dust, and nothing is there to see, you are completely wrong.

Durgapur is also well known for its natural beauty.

Many Mind-blowing places are there to soothe your eyes. One of these is Durgapur Barrage.

Here are some mesmerising photos of Durgapur Barrage. The list are not in any particular order.

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Pic by Pratik Trivedi

What an amazingly composed shot with Durgapur Barrage in the background.

This pic by a photographer from Durgapur, Pratik Trivedi.

Here’s another amazing picture.

Durgapur Barrage 2
Pic by Shuvadip Dhak

This beautiful photo of the rippling waters, is clicked by Suvadip Dhak.

Here is a quick history of Durgapur Barrage.

As the Industrial Revolution started in Durgapur, there was a huge urgency of water in factories.

So, Damodar Valley Corporation ( DVC) constructed this barrage in the year 1955 on the river Damodar just to boost up industrial civilization.

Besides its Industrial significance, this barrage is also significant for the people of Durgapur.

Barrage 5
Pic by Chandan Dey

An amazing night view of Durgpur Barrage, clicked by Chandan Dey.

People of Durgapur go to this humongous barrage to enjoy lovely sunset with a splash of a gentle breeze.

On a lovely summer afternoon, after a long irritating day of scorching heat, you should definitely go to this barrage.

The pleasant cold breeze of the evening will soothe you definitely. Also, the pleasant burbling of the river Damodar will calm your soul.

The lovely view of sunset or sunrise from the barrage is really mesmerizing.

In summer Damodar dries up. During summer you can see cattle grazing around upon dried sandbank of river Damodar.

You can see small kayaks floating all over the river, while they are busy fishing.

You can simply stand upon the barrage and spend many hours just enjoying the mesmerizing view.

But, during monsoon, as DVC opens up the dam, you will not be able to find this calm, soothing river anywhere.

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Pic by Koushik Mondal

An amazing photo of the sunset in Durgapur Barrage. This photo is clicked by Koushik Mondal.

The Durgapur Barrage is a picnic spot for quite some time.

A warm cup of coffee or tea on the bank of Damodar with the chirping of birds with your favorite one will make your day.

Durgapur Barrage 3
Pic by Rajeev Mukherjee

This pic shows amazing cloud formation above the barrage. This photo is taken by Rajeev Mukherjee.

These photos are really mind-boggling and soothing.

Aren’t they?

Hope you liked it. Share it with other Durgapurians if you haven’t already.

For Non-Durgapurians, if you ever visit Durgapur, you must visit Durgapur Barrage to enjoy its mesmerizing beauty.

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