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Covid update 500

500+ new cases in last 5 days in Paschim Bardhaman

Paschim Bardhaman: The COVID situation in Paschim Bardhaman as well as in Durgapur is still on the rise.

The daily number of new cases are averaging above 100.

In Paschim Bardhaman, in the last 5 days, 570 new cases were reported.

As of 17th September, the total number of cases reached 5939. The number of active cases in the district is at 959.

4930 people were discharged in total in Paschim Bardhaman since the first reported case.

The total number of people who lost their lives to COVID raised to 50, with 2 more on 17th September.

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In the last 5 days, 131 cases were reported in 17th September, 139 on 16th September, 110 on 15th September, 108 on 14th September and 82 on 13th September.

76 new cases were reported in Durgpur on 17th September according to sources.

On the morning of Mahalaya many people went for Tarpan at Durgapur Barrage. Though some of them were wearing mask, Social distancing was nowhere to be seen.

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