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Paschim bardhman no mask

600+ people arrested in Paschim Bardhaman for not wearing mask

Durgapur: The number of cases in Durgapur as well as Paschim Bardhaman has increased a lot in the last few weeks.

For this reason, Asansol Durgapur police and the administration of Paschim Bardhaman have organised several awareness campaign.

But, those have gone in vein.

People are still seen roaming in the streets without any personal protection.

So, Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionarate have decided to tighten the lockdown laws and take steps against people, who are roaming in the streets without any protective gear or without wearing face mask.

Till now, more then 600 people have been arrested from Durgapur, as well us other areas of Paschim Bardhaman for not wearing mask.

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According to some media reports, in Durgapur alone, more then 200 people were arrested.

If you are not wearing masks, case will be filed against you under Section 188, breaking of lockdown laws.

Those who got arrested under this section were made to sit in the Police Station for a few hours until they realized their mistake, and after that they were given bail.

A meeting was held in Durgapur Municipal Corporation on 19th July, about protection of Durgapur from community spreading.

There it was decided that, raising awareness among people is not enough, so they have started to take legal step against them who are not wearing protective gear.

The State Government has declared that there will be two days lockdown in a week from this week to curb the ascending graph of affected people and community spreading all over West Bengal.

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