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Aarah shivtala dgp

Aarah Shivtala to remain closed this ‘Savan’ month

Rahreswar temple of Aarah Shibtala is very popular temple in Durgapur.

Many people come here to earn the goodwill and blessings of Lord Shiva.

In monsoon, every Monday early morning, there is gathering of lot of people in the temple.

People come from various places on Mondays to pour water on “Shiva Ling” and earn the blessing of Lord Shiva during the monsoon.

But, in this month, the temple authority has decided not to open the temple for pilgrims.

According to sources, this decision was taken to prevent the gathering of a lot of people in the temple.

It has been strictly ordered that no pilgrims can gather in temple on upcoming ceremonies, specially Mondays to offer Holy water to lord Shiva.

Also, the shops and stalls outside the temple have been ordered by temple authority not to open.

Recently, the number of COVID cases is increasing vigorously in Durgapur.

So, to avoid community spreading of the virus, the temple authority and local government has decided to not to open the door of the temple for pilgrims this ‘Srabon Mash’.

The temple authority has organized an awareness campaign to inform people about the decision. They announced this news in different localities throughout the week.

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