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Rear wheel of AC bus suddenly ejects near Panagar

An AC passenger bus just escaped from a major accident on Panagar bypass.

The incident took place on Monday morning near Panagarh. According to reports, the rear wheel of an AC bus belonging to West Bengal Transport Corporation(WBTC) suddenly ejects out while in motion, on it’s way from Durgapur to Kolkata.

This incident caused panic among it’s passengers. There were about 40 passengers in the bus. The incident took place on the Panagar bypass.

Due to this sudden opening of the rear wheel of the bus, the Durgapur-Kolkata route got blocked for some time. Later police from Kanksha PS went and cleared the route.

According to the sources, nobody got injured in the incident.

Questions are araising about the safety of these buses.

Cover Image: Representative Image Only (Source: Google)


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