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Accident durgapur barrage

Accident near Durgapur Barrage, 7 Injured.

On Thursday morning a terrible accident took place near Durgapur Barrage, where 7 bike riders were hit by a truck. On being severely injured, they were rescued and taken to Barjora Hospital.

One of their condition was deteriorating and was therefore transferred to Bankura Sammilani College Hospital.

The police forfeited the truck and imprisoned the driver.
The alleged truck driver was drunk while driving.

Due to this incident, the road was blocked for 1 hour and the truck was removed from the site by a Crain.

The Inspector of Barjora P.S informed that the driver was intoxicated and in spite of being alarmed by the police, he forcefully went through the Barrage Road. On losing his control on steering, the truck hit the bikes one after another.

The roads are being repaired over the Durgapur Barrage and the goods transports are strictly restricted through the way.

The truck driver didn’t listen to the police and somehow bypassed them and entered through Durgapur Barrage, and on losing grip it hit an oxygen cylinder loaded vehicle and thereafter 7 bikes on the road.

The police informed that the accident could have been more dangerous if the smaller vehicle would not be there.

The driver failed to escape from the police. The bike riders are maximum from Durgapur. One of them named Sujan Basu told the accident could have been more dangerous to the bike riders, and could be fatal too.

Watch Video of the incident:

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