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ADDA launch new Whatsapp Number to register complaints!

Asansol Durgapur Development Authority also called ADDA has launched a WhatsApp Number on Monday to provide better services to its citizens.

Asansol Durgapur Development Authority Chairman Tapash Bandyopadhyay announced on Monday that a number will be 7001999989.

ADDA believes that this will help the residents in a lot of ways and it will be easier for them to connect with ADDA. Also failing a complaint would be easy.

At 7001999989, information related to various services of ADDA can found as well as the various complaints can be reported.

ADDA also said, they are going to launch mobile payment services soon after this WhatsApp service number.

Taposh Bandopadhyay said, “After launching online payment in the last four months, online payment of more then 2crore was submitted.”

The Whatsapp number provided can only be contacted via Whatsapp. No calls are permitted on that number.

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