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Affordable AC coach for middle class in Indian Railways

Indian Railway is all set to introduce Economy AC Coaches for middle-class travelers. 
While these coaches will provide a more comfortable travel compared to Sleeper class, its cost of travel will be less than 3AC coaches. 

So, it’s going to be a great option for all those who don’t want to travel in Sleeper class but can’t afford 3AC.

The proposed full AC trains will have affordable 3 Tier AC coaches apart from AC3 AC2 AND AC1. They will also have automatic doors.

A senior railway ministry official was quoted by HT:
“There will not be any chilling effect like in other AC classes and the temperature will be fixed around 24-25 degrees. The aim is to make the passengers comfortable and not make them feel the outside heat.”

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So you may not require a blanket in this AC coaches as it’s needed in other AC coaches, but it’s aimed in providing a comforting journey the travellers.

The Indian Railways are planning to run fully AC trains in selected routes to give comfortable and affordable travel to most passengers.

After this is implemented a greater section of our society will have access to affordable and comfortable journey.