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medical negligence durgapur

Allegations against a private hospital in Durgapur, one patient died!

A resident of Radha Krishna Pally, Benachity, Durgapur, Shankar Roy allegedly died due to the negligence in the treatment of the patient as said by his family members.

They had filed a case against the medical practitioners and the medical team on Thursday. The litigant Uttam Kundu asserts that his relative Shankar Roy was admitted to Health World Hospital with very mild chest pain.

After tests, Ecg reports was quite normal and there’s was no such major problems as said by the junior doctors. They were quite relieved by hearing this but later at midnight, they were informed that the health condition of the patient deteriorated & in the early morning he was declared dead.

As per his family, he was not kept under strict observation under the doctor he was admitted.

Uttam Kundu’s lawyer filed many cases against Health World Hospital. Executive Director Prabir Mukherjee stated that there is no such evidence upheld by the court against the negligence in treatment so he does not want to say anything about the matter.

If he has to inform anything he would directly inform the court.

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