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Andal Airport got waterlogged!

According to the reports, Andal Airport got waterlogged after 5 days of heavy rainfall.

The runway of the airport also got filled with water. The flight services were stopped for the day.

One of the flights also got damaged due to water logging on the runway.

The main reason of the water logging was due to the continuous downpour for the last 5days.

In this 5days, the rainfall has caused immense damage to many areas in Durgapur, Asansol, and Bankura.

Many areas are still under water.

Asansol Durgapur Police stood beside those people whose houses got damaged in the flood. We respect them for the steps taken.

Thankfully, the rain has stopped now and it is expected that the water level will soon go down.

However, DVC had released 2 lakh cusec of water and have declared Red alert in the low altitude areas nearby.

Video Credits: Devarghya Chakraborty

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