Another accident near Panagar Bypass

Another accident took place near Panagar Bypass on NH2. Accidents in this place are nothing new.

The accident took place today morning between a School Bus and an SUV Car.

According to the eye witnesses, the bus was going in the right lane, but the car, that was coming from the opposite direction, suddenly changed from the double lane to the single lane and being at a high speed, it couldn’t keep control and had a head on collision with the bus.

About 15 school children on the school bus and the 5 people on the car got injured in the collision. They were taken to a private hospital near Rajband.

According to the sources, the bus was going towards Budbud and the Scorpio car was going towards Durgapur when this incident happened.

The school children who got injured are students of Panagar Ramkrishna Mission.

Police from the Budbud police station came to the spot.

Previously many accidents had taken place in the same place. We hope that some steps will soon be taken to avoid these frequent accidents that are taking place on NH2, especially near the Panagar bypass.

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