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atm card cloning

ATM card cloning fraud: Here’s how to be safe

Cases of ATM credit or debit card cloning are increasing steadily indicating that those people who have these cards must be very careful or they can suffer a big loss of money all over India.

Virtually no day passes by without some report indicating such loss of money by for card holders. Many people have been falling into the trap laid by fraudsters.

Here’s how ATM card cloning happens

When you give your card to a billing counter and he/she swipes the card, they may re-swipe the card to clone it using a skimmer. They may also note down the last four digits, PIN and bank name on the cards.

Where this can happen

Your Credit card and debit card can be cloned at either bank ATMs or any other point where you swipe your card. A card is cloned by using a skimmer. It is a device that thieves attach to a bank ATM or a payment machine to trick people who are swiping their cards.

Here’s what you should do to be careful

If you are visiting a bank ATM, you should check if the card slot or keyboard looks altered. If you are giving your card to anyone for swiping it using PoS machines, then you must not let your card disappear from your sight. Ask the salesperson to swipe your card in front of you and take it immediately after the transaction.

If you receive an OTP for any transaction which was not initiated by you, then you should immediately get your credit card and debit card blocked as an attempt may have been made to steal your money by compromising your handset. Needless to say, do not ever share the OTP number with anyone, even with your closest relatives and friends.

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