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Auto Strike in Durgapur on 13th November!

Update 13th November: The strike was called off.

To stop the functioning of Toto services, INTTUC authorized Durgapur Auto Union have decided to put strike on the Auto service in Durgapur on the 13th of this month. 

The main reason stated behind this is the plying of Totos around the city. Other than this, the unavailability of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and the permit problem has been cited to be the reason behind this strike.

In a press conference on Saturday morning in the Auto Union Office, the decision to put a strike on Auto plying service on 13th November, 2017 was announced by the Auto Union head Mr. Pradip Biswas. 

Even after repeatedly complaining against the Toto plying, no action was taken by the Police or the Government, hence the decision to place a strike on 13th November was taken, said Mr. Pradip Biswas. 

We, the people of Durgapur rely on the auto services for travelling to various parts of the city. Needless to say, the strike on the 13th will be an immense pressure to the common people commuting to and fro.

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