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Bank Services will remain closed for 7days in August!

The month of August is the lucky month for bank employees, but the customers will be in great pain.

Banks will be closed for several days in this month. If you have got some important banking work, its better be complete it quickly.

In this week 4 consecutive days and from 25th August bank will remain closed for 3 days in a row.

According to the bank schedule, 12th August being the 2nd Saturday, it will remain closed.

13th is Sunday and 14th is Janmashtami (Monday)(not for West Bengal). 15th August is Independence day. So banks will remain shut for 4 days in a row.

Also, 25th August, Friday, is Ganesh Chaturthi(Not a holiday in West Bengal), 26th is again the fourth Saturday and 27th, as usual, will be Sunday.

So don’t keep your banking work pending, better complete it in the right time to avoid problems.

ATMs may also run out cash. However, to prevent this, the bank authorities have assured that ATM counters will remain fully loaded with cash during these days.

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  1. For your kind information janmastami is not holiday for Banks in our Bengal so please correct your information

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