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Benachity bazar shifted

Benachity fruit, vegetable, and fish markets shifted to a new location

Durgapur: In order to control the crowd at Benachity Bazar, the administration has decided to temporarily shift the fruit, vegetable, and fish markets of Benachity to a new location.

Just like the previous year, this year also these markets will be transferred to the empty field near Deshbandhu Nagar from Sunday, 23rd May.


The timings of the market will be same as previously stated by the west bengal government.

On Saturday raids were conducted by the administration at Benachity Bazar to control overcrowding and black marketing in the market.

After the raid, the administration decided that, as the crowd at the vegetable and fish market of Benachity Bazar is not coming under control, these markets will be temporarily shifted to the open field at Deshbandhu Nagar.

According to them, this will help make the bazar relatively less crowded.


The previous year also a similar decision was taken, when the number of cases was at its pick, in order to control the overcrowding at the vegetable and fish market at Benachity.

Now the only question that remains is whether this will help reduce the overcrowding at these markets in Durgapur or not.

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