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Allegely Bike registration fraud in Durgapur!

Motorbike’s challan, invoice, and insurance are in someone’s name whereas motor vehicle registration is in another person’s name.

Allegations are made that a fraud in registration has been done by manipulating owner data in Durgapur.

A motorbike buyer in Kasba Manachar, Budbud brought the case forward. Hoping to get the right justice, Kamal Mallick went to the sub-divisional office.

Questions have been raised against motor vehicle registration and Insurance association.
It is found that Kamal Mallick was cheated in buying a motorcycle.

Elaborating the incident he said,

“A year ago my daughter, Priyanka was married to Tushar Das. According to my daughter’s  wish, I bought a Scooty from Shyamali Automobile in Panagar on 9th March 2017. I paid 58 thousand in cash. The money receipt, invoice challan, and insurance were in my daughter’s name. Recently, she came back to me as my son-in-law was torturing her both mentally and physically. After some days I went to RTO in Durgapur with the vehicle along with necessary documents. I was surprised to see that the vehicle registration is in Tushar Das’s name.”


Kamal Mallik

He complained that something wrong is happening. In this, Tushar Das, vehicle seller, insurance association and RTO officers are working together.

That’s why he went to court and demanded legal punishment.

The question still remains how can registration and insurance name be of two different persons for the same vehicle. However, Tushar Das hasn’t commented anything about this issue.

Durgapur’s sub-divisional head officer Sanka Santra said ” According to complaint investigation will be done. If it’s proved, legal action will be taken.”

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