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Dpl colony durgapur

Dead body found in a abandoned house in DPL colony

A chaotic situation took place in Durgapur DPL colony when a dead body was found in a B.N type abandoned house.

A dead body was rescued from there & Police informed that the person’s name was Subhas Biswas, retired staff of DPL residing in D.N type.

Some local people saw him lying tied with a rope with the door knob.A electrical wire was twisted along his neck and a motorbike was seen parked in front of the house.

On being informed to the police about the incident, the coke-Oven P.S took immediate actions to send the body for post-mortem.

The maximum houses of B.N type is deserted and has turned into a forested and bushy area as reported by the residents of DPL colony.

The police have started investigations regarding the incident.

Due to the dense overgrowth, the area had been captured by the antisocials and has also became a hub for antisocial activities. The people of this area are literally alarmed and terrified when they pass through this area specially after sunset.

The staffs there would soon inform the DPL administrators to look into this matter of serious concern.


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