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Bus strike in Asansol for undefined period!

In the demand of banning illegal Autos and Totos, the bus owners association of Asansol have called for a bus strike for an undefined period of time. So buses in many routes of Asansol-Durgapur Municipality will remain closed from today.

This will cause a huge problem for the general public. Thus they have requested the management to take immediate steps to solve it.

On Tuesday the Association has announced about the strike by organizing a press conference in their office.

The general secretary of the minibus owners association, Sudip Ray said, “450 minibusses in 186 routes will be closed. We know that the 4 lakh passengers traveling in this buses will face problems but we don’t have any other options”. Prakash Mondal, the secretary of the Asansol Bus Association said, “Almost 200 big buses will remain closed and thus about 3lakh passengers will be in the problem”.

The bus owners said that the according to the high court’s order, all the illegal autos and totos should be banned, but the administration has not taken any decision regarding this whatsoever.

The bus owners have had 29 meetings with the administration regarding this, but nothing happened.

They said,”In the last 19 months 17 buses are stopped on the Ranijang area. In the Asansol-Barakar route also 22 buses are stopped.”They further said, “We are not against Autos or Totos, but most of them don’t have a permit. Due to the huge number of this Autos and Totos plying on this route, we often didn’t get any passengers. If the situation continues, we will have to sell the buses and have to buy illegal Totos and Autos to earn our living”.

They said, “We know that the passengers will face problems because of the strike, but along with them we will also face losses. But we don’t have any other options”.

So from today check if you are traveling in any of this routes, make sure to confirm if buses are plying on the route or arrange for any other form of transport till this strike ends.

News shared by Biswajit.

Source: Ei Samay

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