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Children’s Park to be construed in Durgapur SD Hospital

Under the scheme of private hospitals, a children park is being constructed in Durgapur SD Hospital. ADDA has already started the construction. After some days the work will be completed.
It will be inaugurated as soon as the playing equipment are placed. On the other hand, to curb the mosquitoes municipality has also decided to introduce Guppy fish in the water drainage system.

These children parks are generally seen in private hospitals. There are not many instances of these in government hospitals. But Durgapur SD hospital has come up with this idea. Previously the hospital committee has set up a herbs park at the back side of the hospital. Moreover, the clerks look after the front garden. After the construction of the park gets completed, the children can spend time playing there. The park will consist of slides, see-saw and many more forms of entertainment.

The summer is quite a breeding season for mosquitoes. So the committee is staying alerted beforehand. Every year mosquitoes repellent chemical is sprayed but that remains helpful for only a few days.
That’s why the hospital committee has decided to release Guppy fish in the drains. The hospital super said “Guppi fish eats the larva of mosquitoes. To make this happen a separate small pond has been created for the culture the Guppy fish. In the time of need fish will be taken out from the pond and will be released in the drains”, he added.

Source: Eisamay

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