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Chiranjit dhibar back

Chiranjit Dhibar back to Bhubaneshwar for further tests

Durgapur: Chiranjit Dhibar, the school teacher from Durgapur, who volunteered for the COVID-19 vaccine to get tested on him, is now back to Bhuvneshwar for another trial after 104 days at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

All of us are aware of the fact that Bharat Biotech, ICMR, and the National Institute of virology are working collectively for the making of the COVID vaccines that they have termed as “COVAXIN”.

Chiranjit volunteered for the human trials of this vaccine. He took the first dose of the vaccine towards the end of July at the Institute of Medical Science and SUM Hospital, in Bhuvneshwar.

He is called back after about 104 days for researching and studying the working of the vaccine and the antibodies that are getting created in his body due to the COVAXIN.

One antibody test is performed on the 10th of November on him and to check on his general health and another one will get tested after 90 days.

Finally, after many trials, the working and success of the COVAXIN will get determined. The one thing we have to do is to keep up the good hope.

The first time Chiranjit Dhibar went for the trails, the entire social media was filled up with best wishes, and this time also, its the same.

We at Beauty of Durgapur wish him all the very best.

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