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Autonomous underwater vehicle made by scientist at CMERI!

It is really an interesting question what’s there under deep sea water!

Is there a big treasure or an wonderful world of natural beauty?

But now the mystery can be solved. Thanks to a scientist of Durgapur. 

After working three years at Central mechanical engineering research institute(CMERI) he invented ‘ Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ‘ (AUV-500). 

This machine will be helpful to see the the things hidden deep under water. This is a legendary invention no doubt and will be used in navy operations. 

It has been known that from 4th to 12th August and about 90 nautical miles away form Goa beach, scientists led an investigation.

In that experiment this machine passed scoring 100%. 

Behind this project there is a huge money funded and three years of effort. This machine has many features like it can capture photograph upto 500 meter deep and can run continuously after being fully charged. 

It can be controlled from a long distance, means a temporary control room on a ship is enough. 

It’s first successful mission was completed on 11th march at 9am having a successful picture taken in 286.18 meter underwater.

The Central mechanical engineering research institute has taken the duty to upgrade it and make it more compatible. Within five years it will be able to collect data in a depth of 1000 meters. 

The final test has been done in Durgapur. The director of research centre Harish Hirani said, ” Our machine has achieved a great success.”

Source: Kolkata 24×7

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