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Miner tested positive andal

Coal mine worker tested positive in Andal

COVID cases are increasing at exponential rate in West Bengal as well as in India.

State Government has announced complete lockdown on 23rd, 25th and 29th July in West Bengal.

Recently, the cases of positive cases are popping up in Paschim Bardhaman in devastating rate.

Yesterday on 22nd July, one coal mine worker tested positive in Bahula, North Jambad colliery in Andal.

According to source, the man was suffering from high fever for quite some days.

He was admitted to ECL Central Hospital, Kalla and his swab sample was collected and was sent for test.

When his report came, it was found he tested positive.

His five co-workers have been strictly sent to home isolation.

The mine worker was then transferred to Sanaka Hospital of Durgapur.

Chairman of ECL has stated that, every workers have been given masks.

The workers in the Colliery has started to work with precautions.

He has also stated that the whole colliery is being sanitized properly with caution as it is extremely dangerous to sanitize sensitive areas like colliery.

Asansol Durgapur Police have already started to take strict against the people, who are seen roaming in streets without face masks.

Many of them have been arrested.

Also, 6 Hospital and nursing staffs of Durgapur Sub-divisional Hospital have been tested COVID positive yesterday.

Recently, 2 more containment zones from Durgapur have been added to the list of containment zones in Paschim Bardhaman.

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