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Raniganj complete lockdown

Complete lockdown in Raniganj ward 88 & 89 – Increase in COVID cases

Raniganj: Increasing number of COVID cases has resulted in complete lockdown in some areas of Raniganj.

In last 24 days, 52 cases of COVID have been reported in the town and village areas of Raniganj.

According to sources, BMOH has claimed that there is a high chance of community spreading due to increasing number of COVID cases in urban areas.

For the increasing graph of COVID cases, Asansol Municipal Corporation had called for a meeting today under Mayor Jitendra Tiwari.

In the meeting, Commissioner Khursid Ali Kadri, OC of Raniganj Police station, Sanjay Chakrabarty, BDO of Raniganj were also present.

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In this meeting, it has been decided that ward no. 88 and 89 of Raniganj will be under complete lockdown for 7 days, till 24th July.

But, there will be no restriction for buying important and essential commodities in those areas.

Various local media reports claimed that the number of positive cases in Raniganj increased from 27 to 52 on Wednesday.

For the increasing number of COVID cases, people of Raniganj demanded for a 15 days complete lockdown in the whole town.

The administrative body has informed that, If someone breaks the rules of Lockdown in those areas under complete lockdown, legal step should be taken against them.

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