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The condition of roads worsen after Kali Puja rains!

The conditions of some the roads deteriorated after the rains during the Kali Puja.

There are a few number of roads that are in terrible condition for a very long time. Just to show the people the municipality have done some minor patchwork before the Durga Puja. But it not even qualifies to be called a safe road. The residents are traveling risking their lives every day. The people and opponent party are complaining that the municipality is giving its total priority in the work of the committee office rather than repairing of roads.

At present, the Durgapur Municipality does not contain a single member of the opponent party. As a result, no one is protesting from inside. BJP and other parties said that the municipality is not looking towards the development and facilities that the citizens require.

Just one-night rainfall turned some of the places into a water lodged unhygienic pool.

Drainage system got much worse.

To add on to the problems the construction works that are going on the  GT Road, caused major waterlogging in various areas near it.

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Member of the committee Amitabh Bondhopadhay said Eisamay, ” According to previous tenders some roads are being repaired. The remaining roads that are in bad condition will be taken care after soon.”

We hope that the roads will get back to normal soon as driving through the roads is becoming hard every day. Some of the roads need to be repaired immediately.

Comment down about the condition of the road in your area.

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