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Paschim Bardhaman 1500

COVID cases crossed 1500 in Paschim Bardhaman with 51% recovery rate

Durgapur: On 3rd August the COVID cases crossed 1000 in Paschim Bardhaman.

In just 4 days, as of 7th August, the total number of cases crossed 1500 in Paschim Badhaman.

According to a bulletin by the West Bengal government, 70 new cases were recorded in Paschim Bardhaman on 7th August.

This takes the total number of cases to 1555.

As of 7th August, the total active cases in the district was 746, which is the height among the districts of South Bengal.

Among the other south bengal districts, Purba Bardhaman has 570 active cases, Bankura has 235, Purulia has 70 and Birbhum has 362 active cases.

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A total of 795 people have recovered so far in Paschim Bardhan, taking the recovery rate to 51.1%.

With the increase in the total number of cases in Paschim Bardhaman as well as Durgapur, the awareness among the citizens are still in question.

The Police and the administration are trying their best to make people aware and impose proper lockdown as well as personal safety guidelines among citizens.

But people can still be seen on roads without any kind of facial cover or social distance. A “Don’t care” attitude is also seen among few.

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