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Increase in cases

Daily cases count rise again in Paschim Bardhaman

Paschim Bardhaman: For the last two weeks, Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal saw a significant decrease in the daily count of the number of COVID positive cases.

The number of new cases reported daily in the district went below 80.

But now it is raising once again. For the last 4 days, an average of 100 new cases were reported.

On 7th October, 98 new cases were reported, on 8th October it increased to 111.

98 and 118 new cases were reported 9th and 10th October respectively.

As of 10th October, there were 854 active cases in the district. A total of 8149 cases has been reported to date in Paschim Bardhaman.

7116 people recovered and 80 people lost their battle of life with COVID.

With everything opening up, you can hardly see social distancing in various markets in Durgapur. With incidents such as standing in the long queue to get biriyani, the number can rise even more.

People are still having a casual attitude towards taking proper safety measures, and with passing time, it is becoming more casual.

With Durga Puja around the corner, the Durgapur administration announced the guidelines for the celebration of Durga Puja this year.

We are yet to see how many of those guidelines will be actually followed.

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