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Death due to Negligence in treatment in IQ City!

Again a complaint has been filed against IQ city Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital for negligence in medical treatment.

A person who was injured in a road accident has died as he was not looked after properly. His relatives are seeking the help of the administration in this case. A question is raised against the services and infrastructure of IQ city hospital. The administration is looking in this matter as the negligence in treatment is happening quite often.

Shyampada Bagdi, a resident of Borjora, Bankura had broken his leg in a road accident. He was admitted to IQ city hospital. Ths patient’s relatives said that doctors at the hospital suggested for the operation on 10th July.

On the day of operation his son came and saw that the nurses had given food to his father, but he must have an empty stomach before the operation. Without knowing this, doctors were taking him for the operation but Rohit Bagdi ( patient’s son ) stopped them.

After this incident, the doctors suggested another day for the operation. Rohit feared about the huge lack of coordination between doctors and nurses and tried to take him to another hospital. But the doctors refused and on that very same day, they conducted the operation. At evening there was an excessive amount of bleeding in his leg and he died as the necessary amount of blood wasn’t supplied to him.

The whole family was in great anger. They protested inside the hospital. Rohit lodged a complaint in the Durgapur Police station. He said that the doctors showed extreme negligence towards the patient causing his death and it was no less than a murder. He claimed for the right punishment of those whose negligence caused the death of his father.

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