Death of a young women in Durgapur due to mobile blast!

Death of a young women in Durgapur due to mobile blast!

A death of a young women took place on Wednesday in Durgapur, while talking on the phone while the mobile was getting charged.

The incident took place in Deshbandhunagar, Ward 17, Durgapur. Neighbors were also in a state of shock to the news of the accident.

The name of the deseced is Riya Bandyopadhyay (23). The incident took place on Wednesday morning about 10.30AM. She was alone at home when the incident took place.

According to the police and the neighbors, Riya received a call when the phone was getting charged. This caused a short circuit and the electric board caught fire. It spread from their to the entire house and she caught fire as well.

Hearing her screams the neighbors rushed to help and took her to Durgapur Sub-Division Hospital. The police and the fire brigade was informed.

The doctors examined and found out that 90% of her body was burnt in the explotion.

She died a few minutes after being taken to the hospital.

It’s shocking how a simple incident like charging the phone could be fatal.

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