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digital voter card download west bengal

Digital Voter ID (e-EPIC) Card PDF Download West Bengal 2023

The Election Commission of India has launched a new option using which you can download your voter card online.

This process is known as e-EPIC card download.


The e-EPIC Card is also known as the digital voter ID card and can be used as a replacement for the original voter ID card.

In this article, you will get to know the following details about the e-EPIC card/Digital Voter ID card,

  1. Steps to Download e-EPIC card
  2. About e-EPIC card

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

Steps to download e-EPIC Card / Digital Voter ID card

The Election commission of India has made it easier to download your Digital Voter ID card online from its website.

You must have an account in the NVSP portal in order to download the e-EPIC card.

Click to know how to register in the NVSP Portal

To download an e-EPIC Card in West Bengal,

Step 1: Go to the NVSP portal

e EPIC Download NVSP
e-EPIC Download option on NVSP Portal
  1. First, go to the Official Website of the National Voters Service Portal at
  2. Next, click on “e-EPIC Download”.
  3. Now, enter your Username and Password.
  4. Enter the captcha and click on Login.


Step 2: Enter Voter ID number

  1. Once you log in, again click on “e-EPIC Download”.
  2. Now, enter your EPIC number or Voter ID number in the given field.
  3. Now select State as “West Bengal” (if you are from West Bengal). If you are from a different state, select that state.
  4. You can also search using your form reference number.
  5. Now click on Search.
  6. Your voter details will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Download e-EPIC card

  1. Scroll down and click on “Send OTP”.
  2. Now Enter the OTP in the specified field.
  3. Next, fill in the captcha and click on “Download e-EPIC”.
  4. Your e-EPIC card will be downloaded.

By following these easy steps, you can easily download your Digital Voter ID card/ e-EPIC card online for free.

About e-EPIC Card / Digital Voter ID card

The e-EPIC card or a digital voter ID card is a pdf format of your voter card that you can download online from the official website National Voters Service Portal (

You can download this on your phone all laptop and even print it out if needed.

If you have lost your voter card you can also download this e-EPIC or digital voter ID card and use it as a duplicate copy of your voter ID card.



Can I download an e-EPIC card if my Voter card is lost?

Yes. You can download your e-EPIC card using your EPIC number online and use it as a replacement for your voter card.

Is the Digital Voter ID card free to download?

Yes, the e-EPIC card/ Digital voter ID card is free to download from the Official Website of NVSP.

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Disclaimer: The Information provided above is for educational purposes only. The images used are for representative purposes only.