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dmc new rules buying medicines durgapur

DMC releases new rules for buying medicines in Durgapur

All the states in India has already begun to apply various ways in order to find the Covid-19 positive people.

Recently the Durgapur Municipal Corporation has decided to follow the path that is already being followed in various other states as well.

A new rule/guideline was issued by Durgapur Municipal Corporation that states that if any person would go to buy medicines from any medical store regarding cough & cold, or fever, the shopkeeper would take note of each and every detail of the customer along with the address, phone number, the medicines, and even the prescription prescribed by the doctor.

The health department of DMC came to such a vital decision after a discussion that took place among the health mayor Rakhi Tewari, doctor Debabrata Sahana and the wholesaler and retail pharmaceutical traders, and shopkeepers.

All the medicine shops of the 42 wards of Durgapur have been issued the order to maintain the following guidelines from Monday.

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Durgapur Municipal Corporation is also taking major steps to visit every house and inquire and take due care about any member if they are suffering from cough, cold, headache, or fever.

This has been initiated from Tuesday.

Many health workers would visit more than 180000 houses of 43 wards and file the number of people diagnosed with symptoms of fever and cold and inform it to the health department of DMC.

This would help to build a precaution to fight against Corona.

Durgapur mayor informed that the above following decisions have been taken for the welfare of the residents of Durgapur.

All minute details of the person with fever-like symptoms will be taken and due steps and care have to be taken about it.

This social welfare work would continue up to 5 days.

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