ECL has appointed German shepards to catch the the coal smugglers!

For putting an end to coal theft in the industrial belt, ECL had appointed specially trained German shepards and their names are Lucky and Galaxy. 

This is for the first time that ECL will be using trained dogs to protect theft at coal mines. 

At this moment two dogs will be working in Salanpur area. 

If this plan become successful, then the whole eastern coalfield will be uning this service.

Chief security officer of ECL, Tanmoy Das said, “There was a time when per year 800 crore worth of coal use to get stolen. 

In the previous 3 years this number has decreased but recently there has been a hike in it. 

That’s why we are seeing it as a serious matter.

“When I was in the army, I saw dogs were being used as guards in many places. If we see these two are able to stop the theft we will discuss about making a dog squad”, he said.

For this case dogs will be trained in IBT.

Question remains that what will happen if the dogs bite the thief? 

Mr. Tanmoy answered, “In that particular case ECL will not take any responsibility, not even for the treatment. For this we will set up notice board at all mines clearly informing about the guard dogs to general people.” 

Security officials said “Women and children are coming to the open place of coal mine cave or coal depo. That’s how coal are being stolen. We hope that this step will reduce their aggressiveness and it will stop.”

News Source: Eisamay
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