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Drunk Driving in Durgapur takes the life of 1

Drunk driving in Durgapur takes the life of one cyclist in B1 more near MAMC colony.

According to the sources, the incident took place Monday evening. A brand new car was coming from Mamra Bazar towards B1 area. Suddenly it lost control and hit a cyclist in the way and after hitting him, it broke the boundary wall of an apartment and entered into its garden. The car was in a very high speed according to the eye witnesses.

The eye witnesses and other people nearby claimed that all the three people in the car were drunk. The driver ran away from the spot immediately after the accident. A passenger of the car also got seriously injured and was sent to Durgapur SD Hospital.

The name of the cyclist was Bishu Khetrapal. He was a resident of Amma Colony.

Police from the New Township Police Station came on spot. The local residents demanded for compensation from the owner of the vehicle and said they will not allow them to take the car unless the compensation is paid.

According to the sources. The driver was arrested today.

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