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Durgapur Barrage broken lockgate

Durgapur Barrage Lockgate no. 31 broken, water supply to township may get disrupted

Durgapur: A Lock gate of the Durgapur barrage in Paschim Bardhaman district in West Bengal broke on Friday night.

This may trigger floods in several areas. After 2017, this incident has been repeated again on Friday.

The damaging impact of the breaking of no. 31 barrage’s lock gate is so much that even engineers are unable to repair it immediately. Gallons and gallons of reserved water are being leaked from Friday night.

Yesterday, somehow lock gate number 31 malfunctioned and that triggered the breaking of that lockgate. Durgapur barrage can contain a maximum of 1.5 lakh cusec water.

After this accident, it is assumed that the barrage may dry up soon just as it did back in 2017.

In the year 2017, this kind of incident occurred with lockgate no.1. After that, all the lock gates were repaired. But, the reason for this same incident yesterday night is still unknown.

The Govt of West Bengal, who looks after Durgapur Barrage, also has no emergency backup system to reserve this huge flow of water. DVC has already ceased the water release from Maithan and Panchet Dam.

As the news broke out, plenty of people gathered around the dam in the morning. The authorities are trying hard to repair this lock gate as soon as possible.

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