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Barrage work over

Durgapur Barrage repair work finally over after 6 days – See when will you get water

Durgapur: After a long wait and a lot of hard work and struggle, the repair of Durgapur Barrage lock gate 31 that cracked on 31st October morning is finally over.

It took a total of more then 150 hours to get the work completed successfully according to sources.

Water has already been released from Panchet Dam and Maithon Dam in a small amount from Thursday afternoon. A total of 6000 cusecs and 3000 cusecs will be released from Panchet and Maithon Dam respectively.

It is expected that Durgapur Barrage will start filling up from Thursday night.

After that by Friday morning, that water will reach the feeder canal and after that, the water will be extracted and filtered and then it will be supplied to the residents of Durgapur.

The administration is expecting that the residents of Durgapur will get drinking water normally from Friday evening.

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2 thoughts on “Durgapur Barrage repair work finally over after 6 days – See when will you get water”

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  2. We are all satisfied for the news of barrage work completed successfully. But when we are receive water . Water 0 in our house. Private tanks rate Rs 3000 , IMPOSSIBLE, we can not purchase.

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