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Durgapur barrage repair update

Durgapur Barrage repair work finally starts – See how much time it will take

Durgapur: The repair work of Durgapur Barrage gate number 31 has finally started today, 3rd November night.

The administration has informed the media that the construction of the barricade at Durgapur Barrage is finally done and the repair work of the gate has been started.

As you know, on 31st October morning at around 6 AM, gate number 31 of the Durgapur Barrage developed a crack resulting in heavy water leakage at the Durgapur Barrage.

After that, all the water at Durgapur Barrage was drained out and the construction of the barricade to stop the flow of water at the gate was started.

But as the water level near the gate was not going down, completion of the construction of this barricade especially the last few meters, was really hard.

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These delayed the start of the main repair work as informed by the Irrigation department.

At last, the construction of this barricade completed at around 6 PM on 3rd November.

According to sources, the irrigation department has informed that it will take around 26 hours for the repair work to get completed.

They are expecting that the heavy work will be done during the night, but the traffic might be stopped for a few hours in the morning.

It will take a few more hours after the repair is fully done to get Durgapur Barrage fully filled.

The Irrigation department also informed that Chief Engineer will give an approx estimate when the work will be completed and the water from Mithon Dam will be released accordingly.

This will save a few hours for the filling up of Durgapur Barrage.

The water problem of the residents is expected to be over by Thursday night or Friday morning.

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