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Durgapur Barrage Road Repair Work may start tomorrow-One way will be open

Durgapur barrage will remain open on one way from tomorrow, 9th September. Repair work will continue for five days from Monday, according to the administration.

“No heavy cars will be allowed over the barrage. Light vehicles will be allowed to operate at a speed of ten kilometers per hour”, the district administration said.

The meeting was held at the Borjora Block office Saturday regarding the repair of the Durgapur Barrage Road. Bankura district administration sources said that repair work of one side of the Barrage road will start from Monday.

After the completion of the first phase, the district administration will decide when the second phase will begin.

From the last few months, the road of this barrage between Durgapur and Bankura has been in its worst condition. Heavy vehicles have been badly damaged due to huge potholes in many places.

As a result, there was intense traffic in the barrage. The passengers were demanding a repair of the road.

The Damodar Irrigation Circle planned to start work by allocating around Rs. 20 lakh for that. But for this, the officials of the circle were asked to work by stopping the traffic completely.

Although the decision was taken at a meeting of the district administration on Saturday, that the repair work will be done by keeping one side of the road open for traffic.

However, because of this work in the face of Puja, many of the passengers fear that the problem of traffic in the barrage will increase.

However, the police have assured that they will deploy a large number of police personnel on both sides of the barrage to control the traffic.

The traffic will be controlled from a distance of five hundred meters from both sides. In addition, there will be arrangements to rescue a car if it gets stuck in the middle of the barrage.

We hope that it would work out for the best and that the repair works get completed soon.

Cover Photo Credits: Ankita Bhattachariya

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