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Durgapur Chemicals receives notice to cease production!

The Durgapur Chemicals received a notice to cease its chemical production for the time being due to high rate of pollution caused by it. The Department of public enterprise and industrial reaction under the State government notified the Durgapur Chemicals this Monday.

Moreover, 500 temporary and permanent workers are terrified about losing their job on this sudden state government order of putting a break in chemical production. The matter seems to be fishy since no notice has been given about the coming of workers in the factory. The CITU & INTUC in alliance protested against this decision of the government in front of the factory gate.

This chemical industry was built in Durgapur in the 60’s. Products like bleaching powder, chlorine &, fertilizers are manufactured here. The factory has been built in 70 acres of land.

Apart from it, 400 houses have been built for the workers in 50 acres of land. The demand for the factory’s production has been declining in recent years. Many of the workers think that this sudden notice is sent as the state government is not interested in running the factory.

The government does not want further business dealings with the factory, as suspected by the workers.

The notice claims that as the factory is within the residential area so pollution through chemicals is causing a major problem and it would be risky.

For safety purposes and until & unless precautions are been taken, the factory will remain closed.

The government may have been trying to shut down Durgapur Chemicals in the same way as COKE OVEN & DPL. The main livelihood of the workers is highly dependant on the earnings from the chemical factory so they are in high opposition to the sudden decision of closing the factory on the basis of pollution.

Chairman V.Shivdan and worker’s union head Prabhat Chatterjee did not get any notice in hand till now. Even the Manager of Durgapur Chemicals Surajit Sarkar did not give any reaction about this matter.

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