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Durgapur Durga Puja 2019

Durgapur Durga Puja Pandals 2019 – Themes, Guide map and details

Durgapur‘s Durga Puja Pandals are one of the most renowned pandals in the state of West Bengal. Just like the “city of joy”, the “Steel City” of Durgapur also has its own list of some uniquely themed pandals that attracts a lot of visitors. On Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami you can see the lines stretching up to a mile or so.

In this article, we have summarised the list of some most popular Puja Pandals in Durgapur and their themes of 2019.

Sector 2C

Sector 2C Puja Pandal is another theme based Puja Pandal in Bidhannagar, Durgapur attracting a lot of visitors from all over Durgapur and other nearby places. This time the Puja Committee has organized a theme based on Social Devotion”.

For an attempt to bring peace, they have switched to a “Buddhist theme”. Different sculptures of horses and other structures will be adding to the beauty of the pandal as reported by the organizers.

There are a total of 25 Craftsmen involved in its making. Various articles like thermocols, iron, and foam are used for the construction. The most attractive part of Sector 2C is the community launch.

Sector 2c durga puja
Sector 2C Durga Puja Pandal 2019

Location on Google Map: Click here

[Watch Sector 2C Video Tour]

Club Santose

Club Santose Puja Association is celebrating its 49th Puja this year. This Puja Pandal is one of the unique theme based pujas in the Steel city of Durgapur.

This time the theme of the Puja is based on, “Swopner Udan”. Club Santos is located in Bidhannagar. The artists from Asansol -Kulti is trying their best efforts for its preparation for about a month now.

The theme is framed with different props like mosquito nets and fiber-like objects with white and blue lighting effects. The artists with great endeavors and labor took immense care to finish up the pandal in this cloudy and rainy weather as informed by Club Santose association co-editor Sourav Mukherjee and IT sail officer Rajat Ghosh.

The club members have informed that this year they have been trying to keep the Puja theme simple with a limited budget keeping in mind the 50th puja next year.

Location on Google Map: Click here


Marconi Dakshin Pally Puja Pandal is one of the most popular Durga Puja Pandals in the Durgapur city. This year the theme of their Puja Pandal is “Nigeria Fish Festival”.

Idol of Ma Durga is also made to match the theme of the Puja.

The tribal culture of Nigeria is also depicted in the pandal. You will also have a feel of Nigeria once you enter the Pandal.

Artist Bisarjan Raj said that the lighting is what will attract the visitors along with the decor and statues.

Marconi durga puja
Marconi Durga Puja Pandal 2019

Location on Google Map: Click here

[Watch Marconi Video Tour]


C-Zone Durga Puja Pandal is another renowned Puja pandal in Durgapur. This year’s Puja pandal theme of the C-Zone Durga Puja Committee is “Sobujer Santi”. Artist from Medinipur, Belda, Primal Dutta and 12 co-workers worked hard for the completion of the Puja Pandal.

This year they made this theme to convey the message of ‘saving the planet and making it pollution free by planting more greenery’. Different natural props are being used for the construction of the Puja Pandal.

This year C-Zone is celebrating 36th Puja. The C-Zone Puja Committee has informed that they have been trying to bring the best Puja with a “Green planet” theme within a limited Budget of 9 Lakhs. The Organisers are trying to convey a social message through this theme.

Location on Google Map: Click here


Fuljhor, Durgapur Durga Puja Pandal is one of the most popular pujas in Durgapur. They also rank every year as one of the best Pujas in Durgapur with their Unique theme concept.

This year they are celebrating their 28th Puja with the theme “Boichitrer Moddhye Oikkyo” based on various tourist attractions all over India including West Bengal.

Artist Gopal Acharya along with 62 other co-workers worked hard and decorated the pandal with thermocol, plywood, jute, plaster of Paris and other attractive lightings.

The Puja Pandal was completed with a limited budget of 19 lakhs but is as attractive as always.

Fuljhor durga puja
Fuljhor Durga Puja 2019

Location on Google Map: Click here


This time Agrani Sangha of Benachity, Durgapur is celebrating its 52nd year of Puja. The theme is based on “Mahakal Patalpuri“.

This club is carrying out its heredity of spirituality. The construction materials are basically ‘tyre tube’ and plywood. Asansol artist Tapas Hazra along with 32 co-workers are working on it for the last 2 months endlessly.

The idol of Durga will have numerous arms with splendid lighting effects. The budget for this year is approximately 30 lakhs. The pandal has already been inaugurated on 1st October.

Agrani durga puja
Agrani Durga Puja Pandal

Location on Google Map: Click here

[Watch Agrani Video Tour]


The Urvashi Puja committee has stepped it’s 16th Puja celebration this year. The budget of Urvashi Puja Club this year is almost 20 lakhs as informed by committee organizer Debiprasad Mukherjee.

The pandal has already been inaugurated on Chaturthi and has been inaugurated by SBSTC Corporation female drivers Pratima Podder and Suchesna Majumder. The theme of the puja is “Safe Drive save Life”.

Trying to deliver a social message and awareness of the ill effects of not using helmets. Sarcastically, the artist has been trying to put two elephants riding a bike with helmets in their heads.

For the decoration purpose, the craftsmen have used plywood, wood dust, cow dung, and Fevicol. The lighting effects and the idol of Durga are enhancing the beauty of pandal.

Urvashi durgapur
Urvashi Puja Pandal 2019

Location on Google Map: Click here


Chaturanga Puja Pandel has been a lot popular for the last few years with its extraordinary theme. It is located near City Center, Durgapur.

Chaturanga Puja Committee is celebrating this year’s Durga Puja based on the theme of “Somnath Temple of Gujarat”.

One of the craftsmen Manik Dhara informed that 70-80 artisans are working together for the past few months on its construction. The pandal is being made with homeopathy medicine bottles, Plywood, paper, stones, etc.

Assistant Secretary Bibhas Das informed that this time budget is approximately 20 Lakhs and the sculptor of the idols is Shri Arun Pal from Benachity, Durgapur.

Like every year, this time also the social functions will accompany the Puja and safety and parking for this purpose has also been taken care of.

Location on Google Map: Click here

More Places and pics will be uploaded soon after their Inauguration.

Stay Tuned.

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