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Durgapur to Kolkata green corridor created for organ transplant!

A 170KM green corridor was created on Sunday between Mission Hospital Durgapur and SSKM Kolkata to takes the organs of a brain dead 13 years old girl named Madhusmita Bain.

Her father Dilip Bain is in CISF working in Majia Power Plant in Bankura. Madhusmita was suffering from Elilepsy from a very young age. On 12th November, her condition deteriorate and she fell on the ground.

She was admitted at Mission Hospital Durgapur. On 17th November, the doctors declared her brain dead. After hearing the news, as there was no other ways to save her, her parents decided to donate her organs to save someone else’s life.

On Saturday night, a team from Burdwan Medical College and Hospital came to check if her organs can be transplanted. After receiving confirmation a team from Kolkata in charge of Dr. Abhijit Chowdhury came to take her organs to SSKM. A green corridor was created for this purpose.

According to the sources, operations were conducted on Sunday afternoon at Mission Hospital to take the organs for donation.

According to the news sources, this was the first time organs of a 13year old was donated in the state.

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