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Durgapur, Kali Puja and COVID

The fight of Good over Evil has been a dominant factor since day 1 of Human history, and there’s no denial for that.

Somehow, even during these trying times due to COVID19, we have seen a lot of different scenarios of the world around us than we ever expected to see and with time, we have grown a keen interest in driving through these tough times and test our survival strategies.

With a toll of problems creating a stunted growth of us in person, be it career-wise, psychologically, or socially, we have learned skills to divert our attention from thinking about the perils to doing something constructive (in a big or a small way).

Maa Kali, is an idea of creating greatness amidst a ruckus and is a conception that guides minds and converges should into a peaceful being.

Amra kojon
Amra Kojon Boys Club

Though Kali Puja is just a one-day festival, we Bengalis make it a 3-day festival. Staring with the worship of Ma Kali, and ending with Bhai Dooj or Bhai Fota.

The people of Durgapur did the same this year. From the morning of Kali Puja, Durgapurians are seen in Pandals all across Durgapur.

Gurudwara road
Gurudwara Road

A huge shoutout to all the Kali Puja committees who made open pandals, keeping all COVID guidelines in mind.

Unlike other years, this year they are made in such a way that people can have a darshan of Ma Kali without standing in long queues.

No Entry zones near the pandals were also made as per the guidelines.

Unlike Durga Puja, when we visited the pandals during Kali Puja, a responsible side of Durgapurians were seen, where almost everyone was wearing a mask and was maintaining social distance.

This Kali puja, let’s pledge towards a sustainable growth pattern that encourages people to do the good for themselves and for others.

Sunday club
Sunday Club

Let’s just concentrate on making the world a peaceful place and transform our habitat into a green one.

Over-exploitation has never been healthy and neither has it been a permanent thing to get away with.

Over encroachment of our green valleys and landscapes have made way for constructors and builders to create concrete jungles and have provided a pathway to the degradation of the harmony between the planet and its people.

We are already late in our approach to save our homeland, but again “Better Late than Never”.

This Kali Puja, the holy goddess had arrived in our households and the pandals near us, make sure we are not over-hyped by the pomp and show of the celebration and that we stick to the basics, adapt to safety solutions to keep the virus at bay and make things less gloomy than they already are.


A blissful season of celebrations awaits all of you and it is just the mindset that needs to be tweaked a little to adjust to the New Normal and we will hopefully do it with the best of our energies.

You can find more photos of Durgapur Kali Puja Pandals 2020 on our Facebook Page.

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