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Durgapur safe house

Durgapur may get it’s “Safe House” soon

Durgapur: For the spike in number of active cases in Durgapur as well as in West Bengal, government has decided to build makeshift “Safe Home” for COVID affected patients.

Today, Durgapur Subdivisional Magistrate Mr. Anirban Kolay had inspected some areas for makeshift “Safe Home”.

Some areas have been selected, amongst them, in the first place there is Durgapur Steel Plant Main Hospital.

Administrative body stated that, the “Safe Home” in the Main Hospital of Durgapur Steel Plant would be for two types of patient.

The level 1 patients who has symptoms of COVID, but not tested yet and level 2 patient who have been tested COVID positive but have mild symptoms, both will be shifted here.

The authority of Durgapur Steel Plant has assured that they will extend their hands for help as much as possible.

The hospital will be availed with 50 beds.

As the number of active cases is increasing with a striking rate, the government has decided for an other “Safe Home” in Durgapur.

It has been proposed that Bokaro Hostel would be a suitable place as its infrastructure is very good. This “Safe Home” will also be availed with 50 beds.

Just not 2, but government has decided to make more “Safe Homes” in Durgapur if situation arises.

As per the WB health bulletin, 57 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours in Paschim Bandhaman, taking the number of active cases to 331.

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