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Durgapur MBA student drowned in Panchet Dam

An unfortunate incident happened just before the celebrations of new year. A resident of Durgapur, Aurobindo colony Souvik Karmakar(21) ,student of MBA drowned in Panchet Dam who went to a picnic trip along with 13 friends.

On Sunday afternoon , he and his friend Ritwik Samaddar went for a nature’s call and accidentally fell off and drowned.

On hearing their screams, the other friends went to rescue them and could somehow managed to rescue Ritwik, but unfortunately could not be able to help Souvik.

After he was rescued by the police, he was taken to the DVC Panchet Dam ,where he was declared dead.

After the incident ,Police O.C umesh majhi along with other police officers rescued him in the evening.

Souvik’s parents were terribly shocked on hearing about this sudden tragic news. He graduated from TDB College Raniganj, and was about to start his MBA classes from January.

Due to his higher studies in Kolkata, he wanted to spend his year ending with his friends.So his parents didn’t deny it.

Somnath Bauri and his other friends expressed deep condolences about losing his friends.His dead body was sent to PatliPutra Medical College for post mortem reports by the police.

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