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Dmc closed july

Durgapur Municipal Corporation to remain closed from 15th July

Durgapur: The number of COVID-19 cases in the city of Durgapur is increasing everyday.

New cases from different areas of Durgapur are coming up everyday.

Due to this present scenario, the Durgapur Municipal Corporation have decided to remain closed for the general public from 15th July to 31st July.

A notice was attached at DMC which reads,

“All Public works in Durgapur Municipal Corporation will remain suspended from 15.07.2020 to 31.07.2020 due to the present COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Dmc closed notice

According to sources, this decision was taken as a lot of people are gathering near DMC due to various works at DMC Office.

This may result in the transmission of the virus to a lot of people.

They have also stated that, many people are not wearing masks, even if they are wearing it, social distance is not maintained properly.

Therefore they had to take this dicision for the safety of the general public.

However the office will not be closed entirely. Emergency services will remain open, and therefore emergency services can be availed.

Recently on 14th July, one containment zone was declared in Durgapur.

This was done after 11 people tested positive in that area.

The police and the administration is continuously urging people to maintain social distance and wear mask whenever they go out of the house.

But are people really listening? It is still the big question.

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