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Gandi more durgapur dispute

Bloody Dispute over sleeping under Overbridge

A dispute took place between two people regarding a cooler sleeping area under the NH2 overbridge near Gandhi more.

The situation worsened when one of them attacked the other with a sharp tool against his ears which led to heavy bleeding of the other person.

This shocking incident occurred on Monday, at around 1:30 p.m. at Gandhi more, Durgapur. The people who were present there and viewed this incident took the wounded person to a nearby hospital.

With the co-operation of the local people, the culprit was taken to the police where he has been jailed.

According to the police inquiry, the victim’s name is Dharma Bauri. He resides in Benachity and he has been working as a temporary staff in NIT Durgapur.

The name and the identity of the convict in the conflict are still unknown.

The police are trying to figure out the reason behind this conflict and why suddenly this conflict turned into a bloodbath.

The eyewitnesses of the incident suspected that they both were drunk at the time of this serious argument. However, the actual reason is still unknown.


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