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6 arrested for beating up a man assuming him to be a Kidnapper

An unrestful incident occurred on Tuesday regarding the beating up a man assuming him to be a kidnapper in Durgapur. Regarding which the police of Coke oven PS arrested 6 people and presented them in Durgapur Municipal Court.

For the last few days, innocent people are being beaten up assuming them to be kidnappers in Durgapur. The police on hearing this, rescued the people being attacked from different areas of Durgapur.

This inhuman activity is becoming frequent in The Coke oven area. Due to this terror, the local residents are escorting the area. The cops are arresting the doubtful people on the rumours spread by the people there.

On Tuesday night, local people in Station Bazar maltreated a person due as he looked suspicious and informed the police.

The police rescued him and arrested 6 people on the charges of beating up the person. Later on, he was claimed innocent.

On the basis of these incidents, Asansol-Durgapur Police Commission told that the Residents should be more alert about the kidnappers and should inform the police about them without taking laws in their own hands.

Police would also take necessary action against those people for any unlawful act.

On Sunday, a similar incident occurred in Birbhanpur where the villagers beat up 2-3 doubtful people and handed them over to the police.

The cops took them and further investigated matters of the basis of the reports. The Sagarvanga villagers are often seen to search the kidnappers with sticks, rods, and bikes.

The Coke oven area and some other area are terrified regarding the rumors about kidnappers being in those areas. The residents of these areas are beating up anybody whom they are finding as suspicious within their area.

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